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Custom bicycle frame testing
Bicycle frame FEA simulations
Bicycle frame FEA simulations
Bicycle frame durability tests

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You have a frame design or a concept, but you don’t know whether your frame is strong enough. We can test it in our virtual lab by conducting strength and durability tests according to ISO 4210-6 standard. We create FE model based on delivered CAD geometry file (.igs or .stp) or 2D drawings/sketches. Within few days you will get an answer whether your frame will perform well during services and whether and how to improve the design.

virtual testing of bicycle frames

Submodeling in bicycle frame welds fatigue analysis

Virtual Prototyping of Bicycle Frame


The virtual bicycle tests are conducted with the use of dedicated engineering software for advanced Finite Element Analysis which ensure very good agreement with physical tests.


FEA services includ:

  • Structural analysis with material nonlinearities and contact phenomena

  • Fatigue analysis of steel, aluminium ,composites components and welds

  • Impact analysis – fork and frame impact test

  • FEA and modelling of composites components like carbon-fibre (CFRP, CRP, CFRTP) frames and forks


Stress map on simple bicycle frame

Durability test of bicycle frame -  ISO-4210

Durability Tests of Bicycle Frame



During testing various service loads are simulated like: standing on the pedals, cyclic jumping, braking, impact and crash loads.

The most common form of frame failure is fatigue failure. Cyclic loads cause initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks, especially in the notch regions like weld toe & root. Depends on the bicycle type (mountain, racing, city) different tests are required to verify the design.




Besides the design, the most important factor of your bicycle commercial success is it’s durability and strength. When you design frame for city, MTB or electric bicycle you should be aware of ISO-4210 requirements. To comply with ISO-4210 the bicycles frame has to pass many durability and impact tests.


Thanks to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) you can verify your design virtually against ISO-4210 requirements without the need of physical testing.

Structural Analysis of Welded Joints


The application of special modelling technique of weld joints (submodeling) allowing us to accurately predict stress amplitudes at weld toe/root, that is where usually fatigue cracks starts. Knowing the stress range and material fatigue data we can accurately predict durability performance at the early design stage and efficiently improve the design to avoid potential issue during real testing.


Oprogramowanie do obliczeń inżynierskich MSC Software
Obliczenia numerczyne MES, analiza wytrzymałościowa zbiornika
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